October 4, 2023
Broken Key Extraction

Broken Key Extraction does not just stop the lock from opening, it can also compromise your security. It’s imperative that you get the broken piece out, rather than pushing it deeper into the lock.

There are tools designed specifically for this purpose. One popular tool is a spiral extractor, which has little metal grips that grab the broken key fragment as you twist it.


A pair of needle nose pliers can be used to grip and pull out the broken key. If the key is a little bit loose you can try twisting it in different directions. I’ve heard of people using a spiral key extractor tool which has a hooked end that is twisted in alongside the broken piece to yank it out. This can be a good tool to use if the key is stuck firmly and you don’t want to use a lot of force.

If a key has broken off inside a lock and the remaining portion is sticking out, you can use a paperclip or another thin object to wedge it open. Putting some lubricant on the paperclip will make it easier to grip and leverage the broken piece out of the lock. If the key is really stuck you can also try a hook or saw-tooth extraction tool. These have a hook on the end which grabs on to the teeth of the broken key and then you can pull it out.


Broken Key Extraction, can cause some serious trouble. It may be because of excessive force used to open the lock or just normal wear and tear. Either way, it can be a real pain to deal with and must be handled delicately to prevent further problems.

There are many ways to extract a broken key. One of the best is using a key extractor tool, which is specially designed for the job. You simply insert the hook of the extractor into the lock above where the key breaks off and then gently manoeuvre it to hook the key fragment. Then you can pull it out.

You can also use a mini hacksaw blade for this. However, make sure the blade is narrow enough to fit in the keyhole. A wider blade might not clear the end of the key and could just push it further in. Another alternative is a pair of paperclips, which can be used in the same manner as the key extractor.


Occasionally, even the best keys can get stuck inside a lock. This is often due to wear and tear over time or if you used too much force when inserting the key. If your key is stuck, you may be able to use some household items to help extract it.

Paperclips work really well to pull out broken keys if the broken piece is not too small or inserted too deep in the lock. The simplest method is to bend a paperclip into a straight line and insert it in the lock slightly above the broken piece of key. Then, twist it down to grab the back of the key and pull it out. This also works with bobby pins, but thinner paperclips are more effective.

Another option is to use a hook extractor tool. This is a fish hook-shaped flat metal bar that you can buy at hardware stores for a few dollars. You can also try using a spiral extractor, which is similar to a paperclip but has a small hook at the end that helps pull out the broken key.


The blade of a knife can pierce the broken side of a key and provide leverage to pull it out. This method is most effective when the broken piece is close to the edge of the keyway. It also requires some force to stab the key, so be careful not to slip and annihilate yourself.

There are a number of different types of key extractors available on the market. These are usually thin strips of metal that have grooves or hooks in them. For example, a spiral extractor has grooves that grip the edge of the key and twist while pulling it out. Another type of extractor has a point that can be inserted into the first cut on the key and hooked to pull it out.

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